About Me

           Professor Mukhtar Al-Hashimi is a Bahraini national, who has four degrees from the well-reputed University of Utah, USA (undergraduate, two master’s degrees and a PhD). During the last 25 years, Professor Mukhtar has held many positions. Academically, he started from the University of Bahrain as an advisor, and then held managerial positions for government agencies as well as different academic posts such as Dean and Vice President of the university. Currently, he is the academic professor at Ahlia University, Bahrain. Dr. Al-Hashimi’s experiences are rich and a blend of the academic, managerial and administrative activities at both government and private organizations.

          During the last 25 years, Professor Al-Hashimi served as the advisor, director and executive member for a number of government and non-government organizations. He gained much recognition for the development of a comprehensive medical information system “Al-Care System,” strategic planning, managing and directing strategic projects as well as assisting the management in the decision-making process. As an executive management member, he has been involved in many strategic projects and served many different top management committees, aimed to align the strategies to the operations through leadership and management skills. More importantly, each of these activities has provided the author with massive knowledge and an opportunity to share and reflect on the knowledge, skills gained and lessons learned.

          Professor Mukhtar Al-Hashimi has taught, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, many Business and Information Technology courses which cover total quality management, strategic business management, leadership, human resource management, research methodology, e-marketing, project management, introduction to management and business as well as Information Technology related courses. Research activities have been and will be the continuous driving force for gaining and sharing knowledge through publications, conferences and people.

          Having the educational and academic background, professional experiences, communication and leadership skills, and culture has given the author the opportunity to serve as a business advisor and consultant for many private and government organizations, especially in the area of business developments, business strategies, leadership and change management, project management, total quality and information systems. This is aimed to provide valuable solutions to the present challenges in improving business competitiveness.

     Thus, the educational qualifications, practical portfolio, ethical values and experiences of the author, encompassing 25 years in both academic and professional organizations, have contributed to the knowledge in this book series, to be shared and reflected on by the readers. Prof. Al-Hashimi is also the author of Book Quotes, published in both Arabic and English in 2016.

Recently Professor Mukhtar Al-Hashimi been share his knowledge with healthcare and medical professional.