Quotes By Professor Mukhtar AL-Hashimi

“There is music within each one of us and  a story to be shared with others. Here is my story in the form of quotes.” Prof. Mukhtar AL-Hashimi

        I believe that every one of us is influenced by his environment. As for myself, I have been observing my environment ever since I was a child, wondering why certain things are the way they are and what maintains the status quo within society. Many a times the answers emerge in the form of quotes. I would like to share these answers with the readers.

         Some of the quotations in this book are written using abstract terms with an honest, personal touch. These quotes are powerful statements that can initiate an intelligent debate within ourselves or with others- like friends or family members. The other quotes are a reflection of our personal experiences, beliefs, values and reactions to events which we have experienced in our lives. These quotes are also written in an abstract manner. It is interesting to note that, what makes this book unique is that it is also a reflection of the Middle Eastern culture and that the quotes are bilingual as they are in Arabic and English.

        It would be a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and wisdom that I have gained over the years to inspire, enlighten and guide the readers. My aim is to help people to understand themselves and their environment better. This understanding and knowledge may then be instrumental in providing them with new opportunities to be successful in life. It is sincerely hoped that the insight gained through the quotes which touch our heart and soul- as they spring from a profound sincerity- may motivate individuals to reach out for their personal dreams and gain the best.

All the best, Prof. Mukhtar Al-Hashimi

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