Faculty Perceptions of E-Learning: Case Study

Faculty Perceptions of E-Learning and Proposal for an in-class E-learning Platform:

Peer-Review Case Study

Professor Mukhtar AL-Hashimi

College of Business and Finance – Ahlia University – Bahrain email malhashimi@ahlia.edu.bh


Today’s E-learning plays crucial part of the educational delivery process aimed at empowering students and facilitating the learning process. In its simple form, E-Learning blend employs simple and innovative technologies via digital and online media, whereby the learning environment can be accessible anywhere and anytime, allowing learners, who are partially or fully active, to acquire knowledge at their own pace.

E-learning scheme has significantly impacted the relationship between students and the academic practitioners. Likewise, there is a need to explore the faculty attitudes toward the usefulness of E-learning, as this would allow proposing the E-learning platform that is most appropriate for higher educational institutes in Bahrain. Thus, the first aim of the study is to understand the faculty perceptions toward the existing E-learning platform and examine the impact of E-learning on conventional teaching from the perspectives of students and faculty.

The second aim of this study is to elaborate on the peer-review conducted at the university, the results of which can be used in developing a new E-learning interactive platform. This study can contribute to analytically understanding the strengths and weaknesses of E-learning at the university level in Bahrain and proposing new in-class E-learning platform that permits blending all teaching methods.

Keywords: e-learning, Faculty and perceptions, Bahrain, Perception.

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